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Karde Sightseeing

Karde and the Murud Maharshi Karve Beach is a continous stretch of beach making it an unbelievably long stretch of wide beach
A beautiful long stretch of beach with talcum soft sand and lined by suru trees Karde is a one of the most romantic destinations in Dapoli. Seperated only by couple of small streams and rocky stretches this beach continues upto the Murud beach and further.

Karde is sandwiched between Ladghar and Murud and though by road ladghar is about 20 Kms away along the beach its just a 15-20 minutes walk away!! If you are planning to do that please check the low tide timings with localites befor you attempt it.

The ancient Durga Devi temple is about 2 kms from Karde on the way to Murud Majarshi Karve Beach. Built in the 18th century the carvings on its wooden pillars are worth seeing.

You could also visit the Maharshi Keshav Dhondo Karve memmorial photo gallery maintained by the descendands of the priest who solemnized the first widow marriage in India. You can see some of the old and rare photographs here.
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2 Day 1 Night

Enjoy a dip in the water at the Ladghar beach and enjoy a dolphin watch ride.

3 Days 2 Nights

Dolphin watch ride
Burundi Fishing Village
Parasailing in Ladghar
Murud Maharshi Karve Beach
Maharshi Karve Photo Gallery
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