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Ladghar Sightseeing

The Ladghar Beach the Dutta temple and Veleshwar the ancient Shiva Temple are the sightseeing options in Ladghar.
Ladghar is an ideal destination for a one night weekend trip. You have the beautiful safe beach for some fun in the waves, dolphin watch rides and parasailing organized on the beach itself.

If you are traveling by a motorbike you have the exciting option of beach hopping by the shores of the beach itself! During low tides this flat beach turns into a coastal highway. (sorry for the exaggeration!!) You can ride your way uptill Maharshi Karve beach through Karde beach over the rocks. Be careful of the potholes in the rocks and also check with the locals about the low tide timings as it changes with the lunar cycle. You can also ride uptil Burundi and further but the sand here being slightly more grainy and the gradient steeper is not a very safe option.

If you are planning a longer trip Ladghar being close to Dapoli you could include the Panhalekaji caves or Unhavare hotsprings in your trip.

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2 Day 1 Night

Enjoy a dip in the water at the Ladghar beach and enjoy a dolphin watch ride.

3 Days 2 Nights

Dolphin watch ride
Burundi Fishing Village
Parasailing in Ladghar
Murud Maharshi Karve Beach
Maharshi Karve Photo Gallery
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