Beaches in Dapoli

Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of beach in the entire Konkan stretch. The beaches starting from Dabhol stretches through Ladghar and Karde right uptil Kelshi. Most of these beaches are connected but for a few creeks in between and the adventurous can try a bike ride over the rocky stretches to reach the adjacent beach!

Tucked between Bhagmandala in the north and the Dabhol creek in the south, Dapoli taluka has one of the longest stretch of beaches in the konkan stretch of beaches. The beaches in Dapoli have a fine white sand cover however underneath it is fine black sand. Water sports is available in almost all of the popular beaches in Dapoli and parasailing is also organized at the beaches especially on weekends.

Dapoli Beachrs

Popular Dapoli Beaches

Dapoli Beach

The stretch starting from Murud Harnai to Ladghar is the most popular region in Dapoli. Murud Harnai, a vast stretch of flat beach with fine sand is probably the most popular beach in Dapoli with some of the best hotels and resorts. Murud Harnai extends on to Karde and there are some beach front resorts also located between Harnai and Karde. Ladghar is seperated from Karde by a rocky stretch however one can walk across it to Ladghar.

Karde beach - Dapoli

Karde is one of the most secluded and tranquil beaches in the entire stretch of Dapoli beaches. A vast expanse of flat soft sandy beach awaits you at Karde. Karde beach is also a typical Dapoli beach with a thin film of white sand covering the underlying black sand. The Karde beach is a very broad and long beach and extends far upto Burundi and Murud Harnai on either sides. Long walks in Karde can be really long if you are staying at the beach.

Kolthare Beach

Kolthare is amongst the most secluded beaches in Dapoli and until recently there weren't many options of accommodation at this beach however Kolthare has also started springing up small resorts to offer acommodation for the tourists.
Each one of the beaches in Dapoli has something special about them. However if we had to rate these beaches in ascending order
Dabhol Harnai Ladghar Karde

Dapoli Beaches

Murud Beach

Karde and Murud Maharshi Karve, Murud Beach is a continous stretch of beach making it an unbelievably long stretch of wide beach. Named after one of the greatest visionaries the nation has seen to date, the Harnai beach or the Marshi Karve Beach is again a long flat beach with the Suvarnadurg fort looming in the horizons on its northern side.

Ladghar Beach

Ladghar is a small stretch of beach to the south of the rocky hillock which seperates it from Karde. Ladghar extends onto Burundi - a small fishing hamlet to its south. There is a 'Dutta mandir' - the village diety, atop the hillock on the northern end of Ladghar beach. Parasailing and water sports like water scooters is available in Ladghar and is very popular.

Anjarle Beach

Famous for the Kadyawarcha Ganpati (Ganesh temple situated on a cliff) Anjarle is blessed with one of the secluded deaches in Dapoli. Anjarle has a two kilometers long stretch of clean beach with a cover of white sand and is surrounded by palms and trees. Anjarle beach is located near the estuary of river Jog. The temple is 3 kms from the beach.

White Sand Beaches - Guhagar

Guhagar is a pristine beach which has just started featuring in the tourist map of popular destinations in Maharashtra.

Guhagar is the first beach amongst the long stretch of Konkan beaches with white sand true to its texture unlike beaches north of Vashishti river. Guhagar beach is a very long beach and extends for almost six kilometers between two hillocks. Velneshwar and Hedvi well known for its temples are two other popular destinations within Guhagar taluka just a few kms from Guhagar town.

Guhagar can be easily visited during a holiday in Dapoli. Suvarnadurg shipping has a ferry across Vashishti river which even carries four wheelers from Dabhol to Dhopave about 10 kms from Guhagar.

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