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Ladghar is a small stretch of beach to the south of the rocky hillock which seperates it from Karde. Ladghar extends onto Burundi - a small fishing hamlet to its south. There is a 'Dutta mandir' - the village diety, atop the hillock on the northern end of Ladghar beach. Parasailing and water sports like water scooters is available in Ladghar and is very popular too.

Tamas Theertha or the Ladghar beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dapoli. Ladghar beach has granier sand instead of the cement like fine sand one would find at other beaches in Dapoli. Due to the multitude of shades of red and orange a part of the arabian sea changes into, off the shores at Ladghar during sunset, Ladghar is also known as "Tamas Theertha".

Sunset at Ladghar

Ladghar Beach

Ladghar Beach - Dapoli

Ladghar is located about 8 kms from the Dapoli bus depot. To get to Ladghar take the Dapoli - Anjarle road and just as you leave Dapoli town you will find the Burundi police 'chowki' and Kokan Krishi Vidyapeeth ground on your left. Take a left from the 'chowki' and continue along the road until you reach the signboards to hotels in Ladghar. Take a right and continue till you are reach the signboards of hotels in Ladghar again. Take a left here.

Ladghar to Karde walk

Karde lies just north of Ladghar beach across couple of rocky stretcehes. If you decide to walk from Ladghar to Karde by the beach the first thing you would have to check is the high tide timings so that you dont get stuck. You would have to cross the rocky stretch starting at Ladghar which is followed by a long secluded sandy stretch which is followed by yet another flat rocky patch. The sandy stretch that follows leads to Karde over yet another flat rocky patch.

Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth

Established on May 18, 1972 to cater to the need of Konkan region with regards to education in the agriculture field, research and extensive education in agriculture, Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth is located on the way to Ladghar from Dapoli. The university carries out extensive research related to rice, fruits, and horticulture. It has 15 off-campus research stations throughout the region along with agricultural science centres.

Dapoli Beaches

Karde Beach

Karde is one of the most secluded and tranquil beaches in the entire stretch of Dapoli beaches. A vast expanse of flat soft sandy beach awaits you at Karde. Karde beach is also a typical Dapoli beach with a thin film of white sand covering the underlying black sand. The Karde beach is a very broad and long beach and extends far upto Burundi across a few rocky patches to its south and Murud.

Ladghar Holiday

Ladghar is an ideal destination for a one night weekend trip. You have the beautiful safe beach for some fun in the waves, dolphin watch rides and parasailing organized on the beach itself. If you are traveling by a motorbike you have the exciting option of beach hopping by the shores of the beach itself! You can ride your way uptill Maharshi Karve beach through Karde beach over the rocks.

The Smarak

Located near Burundi on the Dapoli-Kolthare road Parashuram Bhoomi is a large statue of lord Parashram erected on top of a globe. The hill top affords a magnificent view of the coastline. This place has a good garden which is well maintained with seating arrangements. Although the statue stands on private property its open for public to visit as it is a major attraction now.

Activities in Ladghar

A long walk by the beach across the rocky patches or by the newly constructed road connecting Ladghar to Karde in less than three kms is a major attraction with active youngsters. The walk across the rocky patches by the beach is far more exciting than the road however do ensure to check the high tide timings before venturing on this route.

Dolphin watch rides are also very popular activity amongst tourists here. Dolphin watch boat rides are usually organized early in the morning. It can cost between 150 - 250 per person or rs 1000 - 1500 rs for an exclusive ride.

Water sports is available at Ladghar beach along with parasailing on the beach which is very popular with tourists.

Karde to Ladghar