Forts in Dapoli

The sea forts off the coast from Dapoli is the primary attraction during a holiday in Dapoli. A visit to the sea forts is an unique experience which few other beahes in the entire Konkan stretch offer adding one more feather to the crown of Dapoli. There are couple of forts in Dapoli which is frequented more by trekkers rather than tourists visiting Dapoli.

The sea forts in Dapoli are more known however there are some forts on land too worth a visit in Dapoli. A very beautiful fort dotting the coastline of the Konkan strip, the fort of Himmatgad, now popularly known as Bankot is not a destination thronged by the tourists. Bankot lies in the northern most end of Ratnagiri district and is about 60 kms via the coastal road from Dapoli. Bankot is located very near the ferry wharf connecting Dapoli to Harihareshwar across the Bhagmandala.

Himmatgad - Forts in Dapoli

Forts in Dapoli

Kanakdurg Fort - Harnai

Kanakdurg fort is spread over about of 0.25 hectares. The fort is in complete ruins now except for a few things like water tanks, two dilapidated bastions and a beautiful lighthouse. Kanakdurg Fort was built to protect Suvarnadurga slong with Fattegad and Gova fort. Kanakdurga is built on a huge rock and there are rock steps to ascend the fort. There is a lighthouse on the fort. To the left side of the steps is a strong bastion built in black rock.

Mandangad - Chitradurg Fort

40kms away from Dapoli, Mandangad is a trekking destination. Although not frequented by tourists it is popular amongst trekkers who couple it with a visit to the Dapoli beaches. There is no fortification remaining on the fort. There is a Ganesh temple, a cannon which is believed to be around 400 years old, two water tanks, a house and a podium atop the fort. Although the fort affords some nice views Chitradurg fort is worth a visit only in a long holiday to Dapoli.

Goa Fort

Goa Fort is built in such a way that a portion of the fort is on land and the other is surrounded by sea. The fort has got strong fortification all over. There is more than one entrance to the fort one of which is on the sea side however it is closed to public and is blocked by bricks. In the middle of the fort, there is a rampart leading to a structure atop it, which offer a wonderful 360 degree view of the fort. Goa fort was also built as a line of support to the Suvarnadurg Fort.

Suvarnadurg Fort

Suvarnadurg fort

Located about a quarter of a mile off the coast from Harnai port is the fascinating Suvarnadurg Fort. A rocky island, Suvarnadurg is about 8 acres big with stone wall bastions. There is no landing jetty at the Suvarnadurga fort. However, the landing is on the shores of the sandy beach of the rocky island.


Building of the Suvarnadurg fort is credited to Shivaji maharaj. Built for the Maratha Navy for defence purposes, the fort also had a ship building facility. The basic objective of establishing the fort was to counter enemy attacks, by the colonialists of Europe and also by the local chieftains.


Suvarnadurg fort is open to tourists from November to end of May post which the ferry service is suspended due to rains. Land forts were also built to support the sea fortress and in the past, the land fort and the sea fortress were connected by a tunnel, which is now defunct.